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Sometimes, it can be hard to find someone to talk to when you need help or advice!

Especially, when we’re at school and suddenly feel sad, confused, or angry! But, that’s what you’re bathroom bestie is for!

Do you know who your bathroom bestie is? YOU ARE! These affirmations are feel-good messages that you can repeat throughout the day!

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Why the Affirmations are necessary:

According the Gottman Institute, “while the world has been focused on academic achievement in childhood, emotional self-regulation has been largely ignored. This is a poor strategy, given that research suggests emotional intelligence is twice as strong a predictor as IQ of later success.”

In fact, research has shown that “When a child can make a change to address a problem, they engage in problem-focused coping by identifying the trouble and making a plan for dealing with it. When they deem the problem unsolvable, they engage in emotion-focused coping by working to tolerate and control distress.”

These simple affirmations provide powerful reminders to help children to positively navigate through trying situations or negative thoughts.

Listen to snippets of the songs below.

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The Creators

The Bathroom Besties Series is a collaboration between Gahmya Drummond-Bey, Founder of Evolved Teacher, and Ronnie Webb II, Founder of The Successful Me System.

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Gahmya Drummond-Bey is a global curriculum designer who has redesigned learning programs in over 20 countries. She is passionate about pushing humanity forward by enhancing primary education.

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Ronnie Webb II is a contributor for Thrive Global, an International Educator and a Transformational Success Coach. He coaches men and boys on the art of becoming their most authentic, emotionally brave, and successful selves.