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How to Help Your Child with Zoom Fatigue

Recently, several parents approached me with some very honest and understandable concerns: "How do I support my child in learning remotely without taking control?"



Here are a few ways below:


As an educator, I want to say that I love collaborating with parents and being a team of learning and love for our kids.

But, remember, we are a team.

Your teacher understands that your child, or the child you care for, is still a kid trying to do their best.

Sometimes, when your child is at home and you see them slouching or not performing in what you believe is their best, a little bit of the trigger is not wanting to look bad. (Breathe and read that again. No judgment here, but pure honesty. Having your child learn at home and having someone else have a window into that can be super triggering.)

Your teacher understands. We also understand that your child often has a completely different personality when you aren't around.

They are figuring out who they are.

It's a process. Many of us still are. 

We have to give them the opportunity to do that. We have to give them an opportunity to figure out who they are; to have their good days and their bad days and their slouchy days and their tossing their pencils across the floor days. It's a pandemic. 

So, here are a few tips. Remember, support, but don't helicopter. Don't criticize.

We're going to get through this...(key word coming up)...TOGETHER.



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