Everyone isn't going where you're going...

and there will be some who will want to follow along, but you will have to leave them behind.  

You already know who that someone or those people are.  They may be lovers, they may be co-workers, they may even be family.  But, whoever they are, they seem to trigger you in the worst of ways, rub you the wrong way, or ignite feelings of sadness within you.  It's toxic.  It's poisonous.  It's detrimental to your health and stunting your growth.  It's time to release.

I practice cord-cutting every few months.  It is my way of letting go, with love and full intention on freeing myself.  This doesn't mean that I can never see that person again.  Perhaps, they are someone that I must work with on a regularly basis.  But, that hold and that trigger is gone.  

You can now enter a room to heal the room.  

You can now show up in pure love and light because that is part of how you need to serve.

 Your energy is bigger than you.  It hugs your students while they color tiny hands and little stems.  It slides in their backpacks and goes home with them to be shared around the dinner table with their families.

If there is something that you need to let go, the time is now.

Because you have love to give. 

The meditation is for you. Breathe and release.