Today's Mission: What's Your Daily Routine?

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Dear Evolved Teacher,

Yep! That's you! Anyone who is dedicated to being a partner or guide to our beautiful children as they navigate this life experience, is an evolved teacher. As you know, the work that you do for yourself is just as vital as the experiences that we want for our children.

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Today’s affirmation is

“I am the world’s daily lesson on how to love me.”

Dear Evolved Teacher,

I am so excited to have you tune in today and as you begin your day or even wrap it up, I wonder if you have a consistent routine in place that sets you up for your best.  You see, many consistent high achievers attribute their ability to remain in flow for longer periods of time to the routines they create.

Creating routines that are tied to our top priorities allow us to accomplish steady wins with repeatable patterns that allow us to avoid distractions by avoiding small unnecessary details or choices.

So, what are your mornings like? Do you consistently hit the snooze button until you absolutely have to get up? (I actually have a funny story about that. It’s funny, yet it knocked me into immediate action. Years ago, when I was a new teacher in South Korea, a colleague of mine made the comment, “Every time you hit the snooze button in the morning, you begin your day with a failure.  Whew. Who needs that at the top of their day? I stopped hitting snooze after that and begin immediately hopping up.)

These days, I prepare for success by actually preparing well the night before.  Although many tend to focus on the mornings, it’s the night before that actually sets me up for the most success. It determines whether or not I will wake up feeling anxious or calm. If I will hop up and head to the gym or feel that I must immediately get to work and it even determines how my body feels.

I always write my schedule for the next day at night. I write everything out on post its and stick them on the wall. I gather my gym clothes and put them where I can easily grab them.  I carry a bottle of water and put it next to my bed, as being well hydrated before sleeping helps me to rest better at night. Before sleeping I like to read. Then, and this is a biggie...I envision the next day going perfectly. I see myself getting up and having a great workout. I see myself creating amazing things, having amazing meetings, and amazing interactions with my students. I create wins for myself and I see myself celebrating them.  I see myself feeling fully seen, heard, adored, valued, and supported. My daily routine is best enhanced by my night routine.

Dear Evolved Teacher, your mission today is to revisit or create your daily routine.  Let’s create the energy and actions that you need to serve as your highest self and greatest potential.

That’s it for today!  I would love to hear about any Aha moments that you may have had! Tag and hashtag Evolved teacher and let me know.

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