Today's Mission: Find Your Comeback Muscle

Dear Evolved Teacher,

Yep! That's you! Anyone who is dedicated to being a partner or guide to our beautiful children as they navigate this life experience is an evolved teacher. As you know, the work that you do for yourself is just as vital as the experiences that we want for our children.

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Today’s affirmation is “When you don’t know where you’re going, distractions look like opportunities.”

Dear Evolved Teacher,

Today, I’m writing you from my favorite condo in Bangkok, Thailand. I am filled with immense gratitude in this moment. I’m so happy to meet you in this space.

In my last briefing, I discussed my “why” with you and I hope you had an opportunity to reconnect with yours, as well.  Your “why” is the essence of you. It’s the fire you breathe into your mission. However, as we all know, it isn’t always easy.  There’s often turbulence because obstacles are apart of the journey, as well. The obstacles can be difficult.

Yet, we also know that building your “come back” muscle is one of the most important tasks anyone who’s interested in leading or being seen, may experience.

So, Evolved Teacher, just how have you built or been working on your  “Come back Muscle.”

Me first? Okay, I can honor that! I have consistently been working on my comeback muscle throughout my journey, but I would say that my lowest period in my journey as an educator may have been when I retired from teaching in the classroom and decided to pack my backs and take my skills all over the world.  That was tough. Leaving the security of a paycheck, a beautiful apartment (that was paid for as part of my salary) and the perks of being a top educator felt risky. I also left a space where I was constantly valued and praised for my skills to starting over again, going to places where people weren’t as familiar with what I was capable of. I had to constantly prove myself over and over again.  I also missed teaching on a daily basis, tremendously. It was during this retirement that I realized that teaching kids was something that was also like air to me. I couldn’t survive without it. I need the energetic days, the innocent fun, and the connection.

So, now it’s your turn! Dear Evolved Teacher, your mission today is to take some time to reflect upon your come back muscle. When were you at your lowest in life or business? What sequence of thought patterns and or events led you there and how did you rise? This would be a beautiful journaling exercise.

Consider when you were at your lowest in life or business.  What sequence of thought patterns and/or events led you there and how did you rise?  When did you build your Come back muscle?

That’s it for today!  I would love to hear about any Aha moments that you may have had! Tag and hashtag Evolved teacher and let me know.


Gahmya Drummond-Bey

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Gahmya Drummond Bey