The key to Building, Creating, and Teaching with IMPACT

Where do I start?

What do I do now?

How do I demonstrate what I am truly passionate about to the world?

If you give me just a bit of your time, I would love to grab your hand and walk you through my simple IMPACT system.

Let it be your guide for when you decide your monthly goals, business decisions, curriculum design, and even classes you teach or coaching sessions that you lead.


When you give yourself time to actually dive into what truly drives you, you begin to make more crystal clear decisions.

Clarity and Impact are closely related.

This framework will walk you through your moonshot (mission), B.H.A.G (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal), The problem that truly matters to you, your approach to solving that problem, your methods for providing an impact (what will you create, speak about, or teach to solve the problem and achieve the goal you mentioned), and your impact hero (your unofficial mentor).

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Woot! Now, that you have the PDF file! Let’s dive in!

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First, Determine your moonshot.

Your moonshot is your overall life mission. What major problem would you love to solve or help others solve during your lifetime?

You may also think of this as how you want to bring joy into the world. Everything that you do essentially falls under this umbrella.

I like to think of the moonshot as my overall footprint on this planet. After I leave this space, what have I actually shifted?

My personal moonshot: Pushing Humanity forward by spreading healthy transformative education to kids and teens around the world.


 Now include your B.H.A.G. (Big Hairy   Audacious Goal). This is a vision that you set out to accomplish between 10 and 20 years. It should also be something that you can measure.

So, your moonshot is your life mission. But, you don’t have to feel like you need to discover or invent something entirely new to be impactful. If you have anything to add to any conversation, that is powerful. Consider your BHAG as something that you want to accomplish within the next 10 years that is in alignment with your moonshot.

B.H.A.G.s are powerful! Just about every top executive, business coach, leader, and even company has one. But, you want something that is measurable.

“Be the best I can be.” ~ Beautiful concept, but how would you measure that?

“Empowering students to be their bests.” ~ Let’s get specific! This isn’t measurable either.

Examples of a B.H.AG:

McDonalds: To be the world’s best quick service restaurant experience. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness, and value, so that we make every customer in every restaurant smile.

Jhana: Help millions of people get the manager they deserve (Jhana, 2016)

My personal B.H.A.G.: Designing a digital platform that provides equal access to quality education to primary students in at least 5 different countries.


What is the problem that your work/ Big Hairy Audacious Goal seeks to solve?

What issue do you truly want to shift? Is there research that proves the existence of this problem? Who is affected and how?

This is going to really push you and can help you to really tap into what is truly motivating you. I believe that if we find the problem that we enjoy solving, we will live a very fulfilled life.

As an educator, realized that for years, I never truly defined the problem that I wanted to solve. I knew the overall problem, but because it is generally understood that education needs an overall, I was never really pushed to define just what specific educational issue I would use the breath in my body to impact.

So, I pushed myself to define the problem and actually back it up with research. I realized that the United States Constitution does not guarantee equal access to education…Whaaaat?!?!

I also defined that although I travel the world to help redesign learning programs, my EQ and Growth Mindset approach is deeply connected to the main issue that I seek to solve.

Here’s what’s on my personal worksheet in this section:

Education systems worldwide are failing to

prepare 21st century students to successfully navigate the world they actually live in.

  • As a result, students globally are more stressed and less inspired by their learning experiences.

  • A recent survey by the American Psychological Association revealed that school is by far the main cause of teen stress (noted by 83% of the sample) in the United States.

  • Although South Korea surpassed 208 nations as the world's best education system, suicide remained the No. 1 cause of death among children ages 10-19 in 2016.

  • Neglecting to effectively update education systems is mentally and emotionally harming our children.


Consider your APPROACH.

Now, that you know the space in the world in which you want to have an impact and the specific problem that you want to help to solve or lesson, let’s consider your approach.

This is your unique way of diving into the problem. Think of your specific strengths. Are you a community builder? Will you focus on creating products? Teaching? Spreading content? Using Emotional Intelligence?

What makes your manner of creating certain experiences or spreading information unique? Do you include emotional intelligence, access, awareness, or a special type of engagement?

Here’s a peek into my personal worksheet:

I have redesigned learning programs and developed curriculums in over 20 countries. In each learning space, educators are trained by being exposed to successful educational practices used by their peers in other countries.

  • Evolved Teacher staff lead digital trainings for educators, and host weekly masterminds, and mindset and success trainings for teenagers from 21 different countries.

  • -Evolved Teacher has an inside out approach, which focuses on shifting education by upgrading the heart of it- the curriculum- and empowering those most affected by it- the students. Utilizing components of Emotional Intelligence, Adversity Intelligence, Growth Mindset, and The Direct Application Technique, Evolved Teacher, Inc’s learning experience design technique has prevented teen suicides, shifted the mindset of an attempted school shooter, and enhanced learning and improved test scores in learning spaces in South Korea, Japan, Barcelona, and Estonia.

  • -While continuing to travel and shift education “in the field,” staff of Evolved Teacher, Inc are currently transferring over 90 textbooks and educational content into forms of virtual reality, animations, and gamified digital media to continue to support educators and empower students around the world.


Your methods are all of the products and experiences you create.

If you are doing this as an educator, your methods could be the specific lessons or classroom experiences that you create that are in alignment with your approach, B.H.A.G., and Moonshot.

If you are a business professional, your methods are the books, retreats, programs, video-series, etc that you create that are in alignment with your roadmap to Impact. Your methods are all of the different ways that others can work with you, learn from you, and be impacted by you.


Finally, who is your impact hero?  Find someone whose impact you can use as a guide.

My Impact Hero is Marva Collins.

You can download the pdf below. You can use this guide every time you are considering creating or making a decision to determine if is truly a fit for you! Also, use this guide to review your websites and online content to gauge whether or not it is in alignment with what truly speaks to you!

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Gahmya Drummond Bey