Ready for Success? Check your stories.

Why you?

Answering those two words as you plan your vision for the future and discuss your work with others will not only help you to stay on target, but will also assist you with building a tribe of supporters from those who identify with your core message.

Here’s the thing, there is a story propelling every single thing you do and don’t do.

The beauty in this is that you have complete control over your story and how you tell it.

View a bit of my story and the way I used it to connect with others and design curriculums for a school in India below.


Whenever I dive into a new project, create a course, craft a talk, or create ANYTHING, I dive into my core story playbook.

The Core Story playbook is essentially a file of stories that I have collected that remind me of my reasoning behind the work I do and the particular conversations that I have.

If you want to be interviewed, create lessons or products that are in alignment for the clients, or give talks, you also want to uncover your core stories by truly diving into the “Why” behind the “What.”

Why you? Why this? Why now?

Grab the FreeCore Story Playbook.png

Let this guide provide you with clarity and connection to the stories that drive your work.

This guide will walk you through your vision for the future and the core stories that have led you to truly choose to impact the world in this manner.

If you’re still on the fence, here are some more reasons to dive into your Core stories as you plan your next step.

  1. To thoroughly discuss your work and the meaning behind it.

    When others hear about what your vision is, the importance of your creation or product will be amplified with an emotional or personal connection. People don’t simply buy into ‘what,’ they buy into ‘Why.’ You will also discuss your work with much more excitement and authenticity when you approach it from the edge of a story. Your story isn’t rehearsed. It isn’t anything that you have to craft. You know it. You feel it. You believe it…and we will, too.

  2. To remain both in purpose and on purpose.

    The stories that drive you will always remind you of not only where you’ve come, but where you’re going. It’s so easy to find ourselves merely focused on our forward journeys and the next thing that we must check off a list. However, when you remember the moments that pushed you to say, “It’s time for me to make this/do this/be this,” you reconnect to the very seed that you have been committed to watering throughout your journey.

3. To increase sales when marketing your programs and offers.

Stories connect people. Therefore, when you consider any type of sales, consider the other “s” word- “story,” and the experience will feel more authentic because you won’t be using buzz words or hot phrases. Instead, you will be allowing the reader or listener to feel connected to the person and purpose behind the product. With this in mind, I would love to provide you with a challenge today.

As you go about your day, use the phrase, “I’d like to tell you a story” before asking others questions. Try this on 3 separate occasions and just see what happens. For example, before asking “What would you like for dinner?” Begin with “I’d like to tell you a story.” Before asking, “What did you watch on TV today?” Begin with “I’d like to tell you a story."

Storytelling connects people and as leaders and educators, connection is a big part of what we are here to do.

4. To continue to up-level.

Staying connected to your purpose is the key to up-leveling. Steve Jobs often discussed his annual trip to a mountain to reflect upon his life and work. When we are reminded of our stories and what drives us, we check in with our deepest desires and beliefs. This is a key practice for true growth and healing.

You can download the pdf below. You can use this guide every time you are considering creating or preparing to share your message! When you continue to grow and stay connected with your purpose, the entire world benefits.