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Embracing Fidgeting During Remote Learning With Maria Sansone

remotelearning Oct 17, 2020

It was such a pleasure to have my first segment with NBC. I am in awe of the fact that the community MOM2MOM was created to provide moms with a community during the pandemic. 

This is my third pandemic. 

I experienced both while teaching in South Korea. In fact, there was a pandemic during my very first year teaching in 2009. I have also taught online for 7 years. I have always really focused on continuously pushing myself as much as possible as an educator.  Gaining different forms of experience helps me with this goal.

In this clip, I am discussing the importance of embracing fidgeting when children (and teens) are learning online.  It's natural to fidget. We all do it! 

You can watch the full segment here:

How to Make Virtual Learning Fun

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