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How to Celebrate Halloween Safely During Covid

conscious parenting Oct 18, 2020

Let's talk about Halloween because when we don't really sit and reflect on things, we tend to do what we've always done and we can't do that this year.

This year, we need to be intentional.

This year, we need to think about safety.

*Will our costumes have gloves? *How can we work our masks in?

And most importantly, how can we celebrate from home?  (Because celebrating from home in truly the best option this year.)

My recommendation is to celebrate from home. No matter what the CDC says, (Although even the CDC says it's a high risk to trick or treat in the traditional manner this year). No matter what your "health coach" friend says... No matter what.


Check out a few alternatives to the full-on trick or treating experience below.

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Whatever you do to shift your child or family's Halloween plans, remember that it is not HALLOWEEN itself that matters. It is about joy! Don't simply cancel the day and use that as a reason to do nothing. Cancel what it was last year and use this as an exciting new mission to have even more fun than ever...with your family.

Let's teach our kids the beauty in responsibility, safety, protecting others as well as ourselves, and the power in creating our own types of joy no matter what. 


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