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How to Survive Teaching During a Pandemic




Hosting a Town Hall focused on teaching through a Pandemic was a great experience. 

This is my third pandemic. 

I have taught through two pandemics in my career as an educator: The H1N1 pandemic, and the MERS epidemic (which is also a form of Coronavirus and became a pandemic.) MERS also continues to be a public health concern.

My goal for this Town Hall was to present educators with sound information and knowledge that could prepare them to take on the current challenge of teaching and thriving during the current COVID19 pandemic. 

It was such a privilege to have Janell, who is currently teaching in South Korea and Rhea, who is a powerful Emotional Intelligence Expert, join us for this event. 

Also, a huge Thank you to all of the educators and parents who showed up. You are true light! 

Together, we took a pledge to hold ourselves and those around us accountable for being the best versions of ourselves. 

You can find the replay above, as well as the Conscious Educator's Pledge, discussed in the training.



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