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Give your creation a seat at the table of possibility.

Create a pitch-deck.  Period. I am currently preparing to give my TED talk in my TED-Residency and it was amazing to see that many of the men in the room had pitch decks and were getting tens of thousands of dollar investments weekly.  But, the women...nada.  So, I asked them about it.

"No one uses business plans anymore. But, people will throw money at a great pitch deck." This is what one of the venture capitalists told me. <--- Woah!

Now, that I became aware of the importance of a deck and created my own, I began to be introduced to and meet investors who were specifically interested in funding projects by women of color. 

In every email exchange, the first message says, "Send me your pitch deck before our call."  

Do you know how many investors are searching to invest in someone like you! Tons!! Seriously!! But, unfortunately, we are rarely seen at pitch meetings and conferences.  We also aren't taught how to really "receive funding."  


If you have an idea that you want to create, a start up, or even a business that you know could do so much better if you had something funded, then you want to create a "pitch deck," which is essentially about 10 slides with few words that you can send to an investor and use to explain (in about 20 minutes) what your story is, the problem it solves, the value/ solution, the model/plan, the market, the competitive advantage, financial projections, and your team/accomplishments so far.

I have been in New York for just 2 months (I typically live abroad) and I am constantly running into investors who specifically want to invest in black women. I am pitching now (I receive offers with every pitch, which is very humbling) and it's an incredible experience. So, I started to teach my friends because most of the game-changers around me have never heard of a pitch deck. Since I have created mine, I have had major investors emailing ME and that's amazing after all of this time of struggling alone to make my idea happen. 

Now, I'm bringing you in! Because you HAVE to give yourself a seat at these tables. 

I am hosting an online WORKinar on Sunday, June 3rd - 7pm (EST) (replays will be available). We will discuss all about pitch decks and practice putting them together in real time. 

Then... everyone will have a week to fine tune their decks. We will come together again the next week, during a time agreed by most, and practice pitching! 

By the end of the session, you will know how to create a pitch deck, what to include, what your BIG idea is, how to reach out to investors...AND..... WALK AWAY with a rough pitch deck.

At least give yourself the honor of awareness. None of us are helping the world by playing small.

This opportunity is open to the first 10 people who join.  

There are only 10 slots available, so please be sure that you can take part. There will not be any refunds.