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Let’s EVOLVE education together!

I’ve traveled the world and redesigned learning programs in over 20 countries. One thing that I know for sure is that this is a together type of job. Shifting education will not only take a village, it will take all of our villages together.

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I’m Gahmya (pronounced ‘Juh-me-yuh’) Drummond-Bey. I’m the founder and CEO of Evolved Teacher. It’s nice to “meet” you! Although I am most excited in a classroom setting, I am also an author, a TED speaker, a 2 time TEDx speaker, and a global curriculum designer.

My singular passion is pushing humanity forward by providing access to impactful and transformative education. Every single thing that I do, from the stage to the written page, is connected to just that. As a leader in the education space, it is also very important for me to assist other leaders in developing connections between personal growth and learning practices. Education will never evolve beyond our mindsets. Start there.

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Wow! How kind of you! Here’s where to find me:

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Designing Transformative Curriculums


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Designing programs with Top Educators around the Globe

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