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Welcome to Gahmya’s Speaking Page

After speaking, training educators, hosting workshops, and redesigning learning curriculums in over 20 countries, I understand the importance of finding a speaker who both engages your audience and provides them with knowledge and tools to apply immediately.

photo by Ryan Lash/TED

photo by Ryan Lash/TED

It is my aim to provide the information needed to see if I am the right fit for your stage, event, or opportunity. It is a tremendous honor to be considered. Thank you for the opportunity.


A Bit about me…

Although a native English speaker, I speak five languages (English, Turkmen, Korean, Spanish, Russian) and have given talks and trainings in four of them (English, Korean, Turkmen, and Spanish).

I have been speaking publicly for more than 12 years. I have been selected to deliver a talk at a conference hosting the President of Turkmenistan, shared stages with members of the Transformational Leadership Council, acted in the Korean television drama Into the Flames (쓰레기 먹기), and given talks on 5 of the 7 continents.

As a 3 time Global Teacher Prize Nominee, I have spent most of my career redesigning learning programs, and training educators and global leaders. I have written over 90 books and learning guides that are used by students in over 40 countries.

I am now committed to writing, speaking, and training global leaders on ways to push humanity forward by creating impactful education.

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Most Requested Topics


For Leaders

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The Impactful Leader. The world is full of leaders who have found their purpose and excelled in what they do, yet continue to feel unfulfilled and stagnant. That’s because although we have been taught to live with a purpose, we haven’t been informed of just what happens once we find it. In this presentation, I share the third goal that truly allows every leader to answer the calling placed upon one’s purpose, how to find it, and how to identify each and every time the world is calling you to lead with impact.

Your purpose has a purpose.

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Confidence. There is a common belief that what often takes someone from idea to done lies in one’s work ethic. “If you work hard, you will achieve everything that you desire.” However, what actually builds a wall between what we desire, and what we actually accomplish is confidence. Having the confidence to honor speak up for yourself when needed, to go for an opportunity when it arises, or even to have difficult conversations can easily give someone a great advantage over their peers. In this keynote, which can also be a half or even full day workshop, I dive into ways to train your brain by limiting self talk, banish Imposter Syndrome by approaching Failure with pen and paper, and believing in your gift by honoring the conversations you add to.

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Mind over Matter: The 90 Day Blueprint. Mastering a growth mindset will change your life. Period. But, it takes work to unpack belief systems, limiting beliefs, and paralyzing fears. The good news is, you can absolutely do this. In this keynote, which can also be a half or even full day workshop, I not only help the learner to identify their current mindset and create a working plan to live with a growth mindset, but also assist them in creating a 90 day impact plan that includes their vision, strategy for achieving the vision, and mindset practices to empower them along their journey toward fulfilling their desires.


For Educators

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The Transformative Speaker. There are four types of speakers: Informational, Inspirational, Motivational, and Transformational. A transformational speaker not only gives a talk that not only provides understanding, connection, and motivation. But also provides the listener with a way to directly apply the information provided. In this keynote, which can also be a half or even full day workshop, I breakdown the art of a compelling story that moves the listeners into action. There is a story behind every powerful movement and within every single person ready to create one.

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The Mindset of Education is Broken. Education systems worldwide are failing to prepare 21 first century students for the world they will actually live in. As a result, students are more stressed and less inspired by their learning experiences than ever before. In this keynote, which can also be a half or even full day workshop, I reveal what I have learned after 12 years of learning from and redesigning learning programs in over 20 countries.


For Teens

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The Evolved Teen. Traditional schooling teaches teenagers that their current role is to prepare for later success. This also translates to the notion of preparing to be of value later and it is extremely harmful to our teenagers who are eager to follow their curiosities now. In this keynote, which can also be a half or even full day workshop, I shift the concept of school for the teenagers by helping them to uncover current problems in the world they want to solve, bringing awareness to ways that they can begin to solve such problems and bring joy into the world right now (in a way that excites them), and facilitating their process as they uncover ways to use school and learning experiences as a way to support their current mission. Your teen needs to know that they have value that the world wants and needs right now and it has nothing to do with test scores.

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The Power of your Story. How old were you when you not only learned that your story mattered, but that you also had the power to tell it the way you like? In this power-packed keynote, which can also be a half or even full day workshop, I dive into the limitations of a fixed mindset and how such has affected the way many of our stories are formed, facilitate a sacred space in which teens can uncover some of their unkind thoughts and stories, guide the teens in shifting their stories, and provide training on telling the story in ways that empower others.

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