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Slay your goals AND SHINE YOUR LIGHT...





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You have 90 days.
Trust me, the other side is glorious and you WILL get there!
This time of year used to cause me panic.  I'd look at my intentions for the year and wonder what I'd been doing for the first three months. It's almost summer!  I'd been busy being busy being busy- hustling, planning, sacrificing, pulling all-nighters wishing someone would just tell me to "focus on this first" or "put most of your effort on that."
  But, there is a better way! There is a more connected way!
There is a way that fuels you from the inside and has you glowing on the outside! 
And no, you don't have to drop everything and go on some spiritual journey to achieve this. (Although I have done that and cannot wait to SHARE what I have learned WITH YOU.) 
 You can start right where you are. 
The almost mid-year, "hunger" that you feel right now, hold on to that because it's precisely why we're going to start NOW.  
Before it is actually the middle of the year when you begin to feel that dread and wonder what happened to another year.  Nope.  Not on my watch.  
Today, I welcome you to join my slay box where we take your hunger and drive and use it all as not only motivation, but feel-good implementation.
You've never seen a more LIGHT FILLED 90 days than these! 

Affirm: "Today, I am open to receive

         what's rightfully mine... with ease." 

Now, breathe that in! 

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You want Biz Besties.

What would it be like to have sisters who often purchase your products, courses, or consultations even when they don't need them because they want to "put some love on it?"

What would it feel like to have someone to co-work with virtually, just to keep you motivated?

What would it feel like to have friends who are growing with you?


Here's the thing, you know that there is a divine calling on your life.  You feel it. That...something.  You are sooo ready for it! But, if you could only believe in yourself a little more, stay focused, know where to start, have other brilliant minds to bounce ideas off of, or just get would move mountains! 

Take a breath if you can relate!  Having a powerful circle that allows you to step into the giant that you are meant to be is the most amazing gift that you could ever give yourself.

Choosing to upgrade my partnerships and the energy around me changed my life. 

Point. Blank. Period.
The Slay Box is a MASTERmind. But it is  not like any other mastermind you've ever done. Guaranteed.  

We focus on the seen and unseen.  The inner and the outer. The feminine connective spirit and the masculine energy of achievement. 

You learn to connect to your inner Super power so that you can pitch, sell, or craft whatever your idea or product is.  But, most importantly, we focus on empowering the voice behind it. 

No more holding back, Sis!

You've got things to do!


You want Financial Abundance.

You are busy and you may think, "I really don't have time to mastermind."  I get it.  You have your vision board ready and your yearly plan requires you to SLAY on the regular.  You don't have time to sit around and share your feelings all day.

There was a time when I would join mastermind experiences and quit every single one.  I loved the idea of connection, but didn't find the experiences productive. 

When I created the Slay Box, I wanted to include courses,, masterclasses, and trainings that would be beneficial to all types of professional women.  

The Slay Box includes weekly Biz trainings that assist you with different levels of discovering your personal brand, ways to create a movement, ways to write and self-publish your own book, how to become an international and paid speaker, how to design and market your course, how to create Facebook Ads and promote your work, how to design a digital quiz, and more.  The trainings also have different levels, so a beginner could learn and grow just as much as someone who already makes 6 figures.  

Although there are several business trainings, the mastermind heavily focuses on helping you to accomplish your personal 90 day goal. So, if you're feeling overwhelmed because you have 'already bought a ton of courses' that you are trying to complete, then that's awesome! The Slay Box focuses on Completion. The idea is to help you to slay your goals in the grandest most feel-good way possible. 

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You want alignment over hustle.

It's no secret that it's the masculine part of us that often gets celebrated.  Tapping into your masculinity has led to achievement after achievement after achievement.  But, it can feel exhausting and confusing, especially when dating.  Is there a way to exude power and femininity at the same time? Yes. 

Is there a way to feel connected to my body and have your presence felt and adored in a room without even saying a word? Oh, yes.

Is there a way to live in your full potential, while still having men marvel at your divine feminine? YES!!! Tap into your soft power. 


Time and time again, even 6 figure business women have marveled at how the Slay Box has helped them to release limiting beliefs that come with each time we up level.  Having a mastermind that helps you to slay your goals is great; however, we also bring in some of the most amazing energy healers, alignment coaches, and intuitive guides to help you to face, release, and manifest.  


Ways that we will go within: 

Meditation, Crystals, Chakras, Divine Feminine Energy, Grounding...What is all of that stuff right?

No matter how much you know or don't know, you get to play and discover here. 

It's all about finding what feels good because you have too many amazing things to do in this world to have a story that no longer serves you, past hurts, and/or negative self talk holding you back.

  Let's release all of that right now! 


Defining Your Super power

What is your life vision? How do you want to feel and what are the steps that you will take to attain that feeling of Narnia?  Here's the thing, every single person has a footprint to make on this Earth. It is grand.  It is yours and we need you to own it. 


Embracing Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the most powerful and important "F word."  There are things that have happened that we hold on to and they create an energetic field of shame inside of us. Let's release this, because you have moves to make. 

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The Power of Abundance

How much do you really believe that you can have it all? I mean all of it! Every single wish and dream that you want?  As women, we are beautiful givers and supporters.  A mindset shift to one of abundance not only expands your love relationships and wealth, but also your creativity and ability to see bigger. 

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Body Healing & Breathing

Raise your hand if you're often that friend that people go to for support. Raise your hand if you have hand your share of issues that you just "shake off" because you have so much to do or so many others to show up for.  There is no shaking off. That energy remains in our bodies and shows up in forms of illness, backaches, and other pains.  Let's learn to release this. The world needs you at your best. Honey, you need you! 

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Embracing Your Inner Goddess

TThe light in me sees the light in you. Connection, intimacy, and self love are important journeys that many of us assume just fall into place naturally. We will explore ways to reconnect to your body, and rediscover the feminine energy that helps you to establish a more beautiful relationship with both yourself and others. 

Be Extraordinary!
It's time to uplevel.

*Have you been wondering why no matter how many steps forward you have been taking, you still seem...stuck? 

*It's time to look within. But, you don't have to do this alone. Your sisters have your back.

*The Investment:   Because I love you!

Here is a 2 month payment plan. 

(No refunds.) 

             And...the Slay box is only open to 10 new ladies.

A great deal of the magic comes with keeping the experience small and intimate. 

    We cannot WAIT to welcome you! 

The Slay Box
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