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Let's learn more about the letter C. Let's play a fun hard and soft C game! It's lots of fun! Come on, let's play!
It's phonics time! Let's learn about the letter C! Do you know about hard and soft C? Watch this video!

This is my favorite way to teach verbs to kids. Actually, this is a great way to teach verbs to anyone. Introduce the new vocabulary in sentences, not just single-words. 

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Do you know how to use your happy power? You can use it to have a great day after school! Olivia will show you how! Learn how to meditate and use your happy power to have an awesome day!
Let's learn how to meditate! You can do it! Close your eyes! Take a deep breath! Listen to this meditation. Use your imagination and think happy thoughts. Your happy power is always with you!
This is how to meditate for kids! Use your happy power to make your own happy day! You can do it!

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