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What CLIENTS have said...

Lolita Taub, TEDxSDSU

Lolita Taub, TEDxSDSU

Lolita Taub

Gahmya was my go-to person for both my first and second TEDx talks.  She's the best speaker I know! The structure she creates is genius!

Sonaya Williams

Made for the stage provided clear details on booking talks and getting ready for the stage. The ‘Speaker Playbook’ was extremely easy to follow and allowed me to create a plan for booking my next speaking engagement.

Yeonmi Park, TEDx | Author of  In Order to Live

Yeonmi Park, TEDx | Author of In Order to Live

Yeonmi Park

Gahmya helped me to craft one of my personal stories in such a beautiful way.  I was completely touched and inspired by seeing my own story in this new light!

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About Your Host:

*Hi, I'm Gahmya Drummond-Bey.

*I'm a two-time TEDx speaker.

*I'm also a very passionate educator, who has taught in over ten countries. 

*My super power is designing courses that yield results! That's why this is a game with a structure in place that will get you on that stage as long as you show up.  Just show up! That's the power of true accountability.  That's the power of having your voice heard.  That's the power of experiencing the impact made by others believing in you.   That's also the power of NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), which you will notice sprinkled throughout this course to empower you and clear all of that negative self talk that has limited you before. 

*I also speak five languages, which demonstrates how much I believe in the power of our voices and being heard. 

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Be a TEDx speaker

This is your Sign!

What if I told you that you didn't have to have a ton of fans or be famous to book the talk of your dreams?

Brene Brown, author of Daring Greatly, was a professor when she delivered her first TEDx talk. She was just like you- a person with something big to share, but not necessarily a big platform. 

However, her TEDx talk was just what she needed for the world to see what she was holding inside. 

Right now, you have a message inside of you that someone is waiting to receive. 

You are worthy of sharing it.

You are ready to share it.

You just need to know how to have the opportunity to share it.

You don't need a big platform. But, you do need a strategy and I've got you covered! 

This comprehensive guide provides you with the tools you need to write your transformational talk, pick the appropriate venue, prepare your pitch, plan your delivery, pitch to speak, and practice you talk. 

This program gets you on the stage and we hold your hand along the way! 

The "GAME"-like structure of this program gives you accountability on STEROIDS! Everyone is cheering you on, giving you feedback, and becoming even more excited about your talk each day! 

With this talk, your message becomes a MOVEMENT...

So, let's get MOVING!


The stage OF


Amazing bonuses

$500 winner

AND ... FUN!

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The TEDx Game
How to be a TED speaker
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10 Daily Prompts delivered via email

Build your confidence, spread your message,
and tap into your core values as you gather stories that will anchor your message.

Although you will also enjoy the TEDx game experience in our membership portal and private Facebook group, prompts will also visit your email address.  We get it! It can be tough to put yourself out there at first.  That's why, we've strategically placed reminders of your mission in different spaces that receive your attention.


#daily10 mini bullet journal  

Bullet journaling, is a daily process that involves taking about ten minutes a day to jot down ideas and opinions that are related to a specific theme. 

If done well, bullet journaling will build your idea muscle, inspire you to connect more with your own desires, and also create an opportunity for you to look within every day.

This mini bullet journal will help you to begin to recharge your idea generation muscle so that you're ready to create the best talk ever! 

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Daily journal

This is your Step-By-Step guide to
completing our 10 day live challenge and
 your own 30 day live talk challenge.  The Daily Journal also walks you through ways to use social media engagement to tweak your signature talk to tailor it to your target audience.


The Speaker's playbook

Want to book your talk sooner, or even later? 

This step by step guide gives you everything you need, (from idea to delivery) as well as swipes from my exact pitches.  

This guide alone clearly simplifies the process to booking not only spots as a speaker on TEDx stages, but as a keynote speaker in other spaces that yearn for the power of your message. 

This guide has helped speakers to land talks on stages all over the world. 

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Learn the 5 step process to getting on the stage of your dreams to deliver your idea worth sharing.

Many participants have stated that this masterclass was worth the price of the course alone. 

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Group coaching builds momentum that will push you through your doubts and onto the stage you belong on.  No more waiting!

Get ready to receive support like you've never experienced before! 

Remember, we can go further TOGETHER! 


Step-by-step guide to writing your signature talk

What's the difference between an informational. motivational, and transformational talk? Which type of speaker are you?

You will learn the strategy to creating a talk anchored by your own experiences.

This strategy will also empower you with the ability to draft talks at a moment's notice.  

Untitled design (38).png

Signature talk writing masterclass

This course is all about action. This isn't a masterclass that you just sit and watch. Nope.  You are guided through your signature talk along the way.  Once this masterclass is finished, so is the first draft of your talk! Woot! Now how's that for time and energy well spent?

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Commitment forms

Mindset is everything. But, we also know that one way to quell our limiting beliefs is to put them down on paper. 

 This is your time to show up for yourself. 
These commitment forms give you a space
 to schedule your daily practices and follow through.


Wait...There's More! (Bonuses)

One of the best credibility boosters is a Tedx Talk!  It's an instant attention grabber, like writing a book.  Having "TEDx" added to your list of accomplishments is an instant attention grabber.  It's a doorway to so many more opportunities.  This is why having the tools and resources  to leverage your talk can push you further...faster! 

TEDx Coach, Gahmya Drummond-Bey

TEDx Coach, Gahmya Drummond-Bey

Do you want to get booked beyond Tedx? Learn how to get listed on speaker bureaus and put together your own Speaker One Sheet. 

Award Winning Publicist, Mary Simms

Award Winning Publicist, Mary Simms

Award Winning Publicist, Mary Simms' secret sauce is helping people to shine in the media! Learn Mary's 5 Tips for Giving the Perfect Pitch, so that your ideas soar beyond TEDx and onto platforms like Forbes, Thrive Global, Huffington Post, and even television networks.

Celebrity Linked In Specialist, Tajuana Ross

Celebrity Linked In Specialist, Tajuana Ross

Your Linkedin page is one of the first resources that someone sees when they google you.  Learn how to use your Linkedin profile to further solidify your credibility and build connections (before and after giving your signature talk.) 


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How to be a TEDx Speaker

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  How much time will this course take?


A.  The entire course takes 4 weeks to complete.  Each week is different and depends on the particular strengths of the individual. The daily prompts are simple and could take about twenty minutes daily to prepare.  However, this may take someone who has anxiety speaking in front of others a bit longer.  

Q. I'm not really ready to give my TEDx  or signature talk now? Should I wait?

A. You could wait.  However, the dynamic of this program is so powerful.  The momentum that it builds really empowers you.  You will also have your Signature talk completely ready to deliver whenever an opportunity does come your way.  

I personally keep a talk handy.  When I travel internationally, I often speak on stages that have last minute cancellations.  

Also, because this is the first time we're delivering the course in this manner, we are over-delivering on value.  The course will never be offered at this price point again. 


Q. What if I fall behind in the game?  Am I no longer eligible to participate? 

A. That's totally fine! Keep going at your own pace.  Completing the game makes you eligible to win the prizes.  However, you can start this course whenever you like.  Once you purchase it, it's yours.  You can also join us for the LIVE Game experience every time we have it.  Once you're in, you're in! 

Q. What if I'm not exactly a speaker? I don't have a game-changing idea! 

A. Every one of us tends to over look how extraordinary we are.  Every one has a story that has a lesson that another person could learn from.  If this is you, be sure to dig into the 108 Signature Talk Journaling Topics bullet journal to connect with some of your most meaningful experiences and core values.  

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. Because of the digital nature of this course, you begin to receive value immediately! However, you may receive a full refund anytime before the course officially begins (June 12th.)  


Save $100 and receive a 30 minute TEDx strategy and pitch session with Gahmya by paying in full. Wow! 


Disclaimer: TED is a registered trademark of TED Conferences, LLC.  MADE for the Stage: The TEDx Game is a program by Evolved Teacher. It is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or affiliated with TED Conferences. This is an educational program that does not guarantee that you will speak on a TED or TEDx Stage.  You are responsible for the effort and participation that you put in to reach your public speaking goals.  It is our goal to assist you with this process and provide you with the knowledge necessary to shine your light and share your message with the world.