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So, what does this virtual writers retreat include?

Eek!! Are you absolutely ready for the deets? Here's the thing, I can't be the only person to have swooned over Writers Retreats! I also attended one, and although it was absolutely AMAZING, It was $8,000 and wayyy too short! I needed more! So, I got a group together and we had a 30 day round of AWESOME SAUCE that must be experienced again...with YOU!! 

Here are the deets: 

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30 days of Consistency

One of the biggest parts of writing is SHOWING the page.  This is the beautiful thing about accountability.  In our virtual writers group, we show up online for at least an hour, every single day.  That's right! Every day, there will be others looking for you to cheer you on!  During the first round, many of us wrote ten pages during every sitting.  It's amazing what you accomplish when you grant yourself the space to create...and honor it.  You also have others who believe in your work as much as you do.  There's so much magic in that.  But...there's more! 

Celebrate your micro wins

What's celebrated gets repeated.  No waiting until your book is completely published.  In our group, there is a spreadsheet where each person plugs in their daily word count.  Prizes are given to those who write more than 500 words consistently without skipping a day during that week.  How fun! 

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Supportive Feedback & Guidance

Although you get to join us from your favorite spot wherever you are, the vibes in our virtual retreat are magical.  We give each writer space to share, give and receive feedback, and to take off their mask.  After all, writing is deep work. Our writers also come from different backgrounds and are writing different genres.  Some have already been published and are working on another book in a series.  You get to play in a playground with others who are eager to not only write, but to also complete and put these book babies out into the world. 

The beautiful bonus

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Seriously, we are committed to your goal of birthing those ideas in Book form! 

Just in case you need a bit more guidance on how to flesh out your ideas, how to outline your book, how to create different types of books, and how to self publish...we've got your covered.

You receive a full portal of eleven lessons all designed to help bring you more clarity, so that you can show up to our virtual meetings ready to write and be cheered on! 

Now, how's that for showing up?