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Welcome to kidYOUniversity, TED! 

KidYOUniversity is the digital learning platform of the future. 

Courses are taught with a strong emphasis on Growth mindset and emotional intelligence. 

Here is a sneak peek into our digital library:

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The vision behind kidYOUniversity is to serve as a platform for transformational content (The Learning Library) that is accessible, such as Khan Academy, but with more animations and gamification.  

However, the business model allows for teachers to join kidYou to teach remotely, while students can sign up for transformational courses using the model that ESL platforms, such as VIPKID have adopted.

We are currently taking over 300 courses that have already been taught live and in schools and transferring them into digital content that can be consumed and enjoyed online. 

A bit of the KidYOU experience:

Get a deeper look into the vision of kidYou's learning library here:

Who is Gahmya Drummond-Bey?

Hello! I'm Gahmya (Pronounced Juh-me-yuh).  I am a global educator and curriculum designer! My mission in life is to push humanity forward through primary education. 

I have learned my educational techniques in the field. I was not originally a trained educator. 

After serving in the PEACE CORPS in Turkmenistan, I independently boarded a plane to South Korea. I Hacked HARVARD by designing my own curriculum for myself by using the syllabus for their doctorate of education leadership program as a guide.  I followed my self-created curriculum for 7 years until I was willing to "graduate" myself and allow myself to travel and design programs all over the world. 

I am an educator who is trained by the world to teach the children of the world. It's an honor and a privilege. 

Over the past 12 years, I have traveled all over the world and have taught students and designed learning programs in 20 countries. 

Each curriculum designed is created based on the cultural norms, goals, and learning styles of the children in that particular region.  However, an emphasis on emotional intelligence and rapid learning techniques (developed in South Korea) are benefits of my particular expertise. 

It has been a beautiful journey and I look forward to taking my lessons from the field to the online space for greater impact.  


Testimonials from students (all over the world):


Transformative Programs- Teens

In 2017, I designed a 30 day learning program for teenagers who'd registered to attend a personal growth and business event in Barcelona, Spain. A large percentage of the teens were suicidal and had experienced bullying.

In June 2018, I designed the curriculum and taught teenagers for almost 30 days in Tallinn, Estonia. One of the students had attempted to conduct a school shooting. He was initially filled with rage. By the end of the event, he was our most transformed attendee.

The left is a video that some of the students filmed for me.

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Thank you for your time! 



You may view more of my international work on instagram below: (@evolvedteacher)