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It's time to create your online course!

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You are full of magic...

You are truly gifted at what you do.  Whether you are teaching or coaching, that is where your zone of genius is.  But, you also know that you could impact more people online.  Your magic could travel further.  Your impact could be greater.  But... how do you start from the beginning?  Remembering the first steps that your target audience needs in a course could be a bit difficult to do.  Besides, you would rather continue serving in your zone of genius rather than creating an online course! That's where I come in.  You lead me to your database of knowledge, whether it's a ton of videos and articles, or a set of recordings that you make to walk me through some of your lessons.  I take everything and craft them into not just your awesome course, but a funnel to walk your clients through your magic.  

Here's how the magic works:


The 30 minute consultation will be an initial opportunity to understand the goals that you may have for your course, the amount of content that you already have available, what journey you would like to take your ideal clients/students on, and also ways that we may use gamification, quizzes, challenges, and social media strategies to up level your course and brand.  Yes! I love to sprinkle a bit of extra magic upon your offerings.  After our consultation, you will know the track that we should begin on. 

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Track a

Track A is suitable for those who may have been working one-on-one for some time, but do not have lots of published content.  This track is also great for those who are still building a solid base of clients or students. Track A includes 1 optin, and 1 mini course (which may also include worksheets and workbooks.) 

  *  Your opt-in could be a quiz, a social media or email challenge, a master class, or even a guide book.

* Mini Courses often include 3 - 5 modules, as well as other learning materials, such as worksheets, workbooks, or audios.

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Track B is suitable for those who may already have various youtube videos, social media posts filled with related content, and recorded sessions.  

With Track B, 2 mini courses or one opt-in and one giant course (up to 10 modules) is created.

You are ready to serve at your highest potential and make money while you sleep! More money means more good that you can do in the world! Now, that's nice! 


Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to create a course?

Course creation begins immediately after the first consultation.  

It takes 2 weeks to complete each product/course. 

How often will you make edits? 

There will be 3 Consultations.  1 before course creation begins.  The second consultation takes place after the creation of the first product or course.  The final consultation takes place after completion of both products or courses.  All requested edits should be made during the final consultation and will be fulfilled within 2 weeks.  After the final 2 weeks, the course is deemed magically complete. Yay! That's when we dance! 

What if I want a refund? 

This has never happened as extra magic is sprinkled all over your course and brand. You'll be surprised by all of the goodies received. However, should you feel that we are not a good fit, such should be discussed before the full completion of the first product and before the second consultation.  We will share a google drive folder throughout the process and you will have full access to tasks taking place during the creation of your product. 


What is not included in the course creation? 

You will be provided with your content organized into different modules and scripts needed for videos. However, it will be up to you to record the videos and upload them onto the platform of your choice.  

We will discuss different platforms and you will received guidance in selecting the appropriate platform.  However, it will be up to you to independently, or with a virtual assistance, upload your content. 

What's the magical investment?