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Claudette Colvin is as important as Rosa Parks

**Who really started the Montgomery Bus Boycotts?***
You've heard of Rosa Parks. Although Rosa Parks was incredible in her own right, you've heard of her role in integrating the bus system for very strategic reasons. You also may not have heard of the 15-year-old teenager, who actually started the movement...before Rosa.
15 year old, Claudette Colvin, was actually the first person to be arrested after challenging the segregated buses in Montgomery, Alabama. This was 9 months before Rosa Parks also challenged the same segregated buses in the same city.
Claudette Colvin was thrown in an adult jail at 15 years old for challenging the transportation system.
She made headlines.
She knew Rosa Parks and was actually a student of hers in one of Rosa's youth groups.
But... there was not a rally behind Claudette. She wasn't selected to be the face of the movement.
Claudette was perceived as having been too young...
Too dark
Too loud
Too unpredictable
Too much of a risk (she was pregnant)
Yet, she was exactly what we needed.
Claudette Colvin is still alive. Say her name and cheer on the young people around you.
You do not need to be perfect to change the world.
Let's dive into what happened...



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