For Passionate Educators who want to make an impact and help Education Evolve, while also constantly learning, growing, and evolving themselves. 


(Stick with me and you'll dream and achieve as BOLDLY as you encourage your students.)

Evolved Teacher Commitments:

Personal Growth

An Evolved Teacher is not only committed to pushing humanity forward by advancing education but is also committed to their own personal growth.

Diversity & Inclusion

An Evolved Teacher is committed to helping to nurture generations of loving humans and realizes the importance of soft skills.

Deep Understanding of Intelligence

An Evolved Teacher realizes that it isn't just IQ, but Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, and MORE. Everyone has their own type of Genius Level Talent.


Moving forward in a powerful way is going to not only take self-awareness, but also an intentional focus on anti-racism and inclusion, while also mindfully navigating the current pandemic. 

Below are some of my most powerful INSTRUCTIONAL posts on navigating race-related conversations at home and in the classroom. 

The current pandemic is one that is giving us all the opportunity to rethink what education means. Below, you can find some resources and support from me. 


This is my third pandemic. I experienced my first one, H1N1, in 2009 during my first year teaching in South Korea.  My 2nd pandemic was the MERS pandemic in 2015. In this guide, I give you 21 of my favorite tips.


Evolve with Me

Signature Programs for educators and leaders. (That's you!)


It became very clear to me early on in my journey, after interviewing one hundred educators, that many leaders in the education space hold back because they feel that they have yet to unlock their own potential or they feel financially unable to take the risks they desire. It is for those reasons that I began to hold signature programs to help educators and leaders to unlock their dreams. This is a safe space. You get to dream, achieve, and impact here. 

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