What Juneteenth means for educators

Juneteenth is a Federal Holiday. This means much more than a day off for educators.
A day before Juneteenth was approved by Congress to be a Federal Holiday, Critical Race Theory, education that specifically teaches about racial inequalities in the legal system, was banned in Texas, the same state that held Black people enslaved for two years longer by simply not providing information and education.
As educators, Juneteenth needs to be a day when you intentionally audit your own lessons. Ask yourself about the role you may have been playing in withholding knowledge that all of your students need.
Educators have always been advocates and changemakers.
I see us as the soldiers riding in saying, "Hey! You are FREE and you will remain free!"
But, we do that with the information we provide. We do that by never allowing anyone to use us as gatekeepers of knowledge.
I believe in us.
May Juneteenth be the day every educator in America revisits a vow to not keep any of their students intellectually enslaved from lack of knowledge or access to equitable education.



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