5 Mindset Shifts to Prepare for Remote Learning

More schools are closing and even for those that have been closed for a while, I know there are some parents and caregivers out there who are stressed! I Get it!

I can’t help but recall conversations that I had with caregivers in 2015 in South Korea. It was the second pandemic that I’d experienced as an educator, and I’d made it a goal of mine to help many of my students, who would be learning from home, to have the best transitions ever. One of the best ways to do that was to empower and support the people who would be helping them the most- their parents.

There will be challenges in remote learning, but what’s most important will be the mindset that the situation is met with. With the right mindset, you may even enjoy it!

For today’s share, I would like to present five Mindset Shifts that caregivers need to embrace to help create smooth transitions into remote learning.


Offer Praise with a Growth Mindset.

Provide Social Nudges.

Push for a Routine.

Honor Break Time.

Mix Online and Offline Practice.


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