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6 Ways to Engage Kids with Short Attention Spans

Young learners tend to show a lack of interest in different ways. Some become very active and fidgety and others may zone out completely.
For me, the best thing to do is to really pay close attention to the energy of the class and not be afraid to shift plans a bit if my students aren't feeling a particular method. Remember, there are so many different ways to teach and learn. It's a good practice to not be so focused on the way we want to deliver information and to be willing to switch things up a bit.
For example, if your usual method of getting your students to memorize something is to write it a certain number of times and they are obviously not interested in doing so, try a repetition game, or another strategy.
In today's share, I have added some of my favorite ways of keeping all eyes on me regardless of the lesson.
Also, please remember, that your best is going to look different this year. Be gentle with yourself. Read the tips and take what you can. But, don't judge yourself. Embrace grace this season. We all need it.




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