7 Songs that are Amazing for Manifesting

evolve Mar 07, 2021
Do you use Music to Manifest?
Music is such an AMAZING way to manifest because it can raise your vibration! Yesterday, I stumbled upon Mariah Carey's "Vision of Love" and was FLOORED when I realized that this song is literally a musical vision board. It is Law of Attraction at its finest! Even if you have heard this song before and know all of the words (like I do) I encourage you to listen to it again. Seriously, Game changer!
In today's post, I have included some AMAZING songs for Manifesting! (My top faves are Chloe x Halle's -"Everywhere"/ Whitney Houston's "My Heart is Calling/ and Mariah Carey's "Vision of Love'--- Yesss!!! Get your day started right!!!) I recommend focusing on one at a time. Pull up the full song, whether it's on Spotify or wherever, and focus on how you feel!!
Everything you desire is already yours!!! Claim it!!
And so it is!!

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