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A Message to Kids about Toy Guns

I would be honored if you let a child you are connected to watch this video ... then read below to continue the conversation as a family.
Whatever you decide to do, it’s the conversation that’s most important.
A lot of your children are going to think that “Black Lives Matter” was simply a SUMMER when Black people were being killed during the pandemic and that is not true. They need to know that it is still a problem and that they can help create and BE the solution.
When you see these posts about people like 20-year-old Daunte Wright, you need to add this to your dinner time discussions. Racism is an ongoing pandemic and your child needs to know that.
Conversation Starter:
1.) Another Black person was killed by a police officer on Sunday. His name was Daunte Wright and he was 20 years old. Here’s what I know about this:
2.) The officer who killed him said that she thought her gun was a taser. What do you think about that? Here’s what I think...
3.) What do you think we could do to make things better in our country?
4.) What do you think about toy guns? Do you think they could be a part of the problem? Would you be willing to get rid of yours? Would you be willing to tell your friends why they should get rid of theirs? (If they do not have toy guns, ask if they understand why having toy guns can teach children to grow up thinking that guns are necessary or not as dangerous as they are.)
5.) How are you feeling right now? Do you have any questions?
6.) How could I help you to feel extra loved and safe tonight?
7.) Thank you for having this talk with me. Your voice is powerful and you matter...just like Daunte mattered

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