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Abundance is Your Right

evolve Mar 29, 2021
Things cannot NOT workout for you!
With all you've done, all you've put in, all of your effort, the ABUNDANCE is your right...and it's coming.
When I was a child, the belief that I had in how things would "work out for me in the end" was unshakeable.
And... I had a very tough childhood. Seriously, the things that I kept to myself and never talked about...oh my goodness.
But, I remember always thinking to myself that one couldn't have so many struggles as a child and have them as an adult, too. So, I would imagine myself..I'm talking 9 years old...seeing my adult self smiling and dancing and telling her..."You're welcome."
That child....That little girl.
And there is so much wrapped in that. So much gratitude and so many lessons. I look at children in their small bodies and I know that they have big thoughts and knowing...just like I did, although adults often whispered around me as if I didn't.
Two things:
1.) Know that things are always unfolding in your favor.
2.) Children may appear to have small packaging, but they often carry loads that you may overlook. Talk to them, listen to them, and trust me...they can often advise you on some things. (Your inner-child included.)

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