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Black Realstory Series: Harriet Tubman had a Disability and more

Harriet Tubman was a force. Not only that, she was the family member you wanted, the friend you dreamed of, and the type of human we would all want to be.
What we learned in school didn't do her justice... at all.
This woman freed herself and couldn't enjoy her happiness alone. She went back to free her family, her friends, and others along the way.
But, she also did this with narcolepsy that was caused by her being hit in the skull with a heavy weight. Could you imagine being hunted and shot at and not knowing when you would pass out...for hours? Or where you would wake up?
When the Fugitive Slave Act passed and members of the underground railroad were afraid to continue, Harriet formed HER OWN UNDERGROUND railroad and kept going.
Then she helped the military.
Then, she supported Women's rights.
And my favorite part. The part of all that makes me cry every time I think of it. On her deathbed, surrounded by family and friends she said, "I'll go and prepare a place for you."
She prepared a way for us to have freedom. She helped prepare a way for women to have their voices heard. And, she's up in Heaven, preparing for us still.
HARRIET TUBMAN...Say her name!!!!!!!

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