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Black Realstory Series: The Harlem Renaissance

When I say Harlem, You say Culture...
Harlem.... -----> 
Harlem .... ----->
Let's Dive in!
The Harlem neighborhood of New York became one of the most popular places for Black families to migrate.
Harlem was just 3 square miles, but about 175,000 Black people lived there. Black art and culture flourished. Poetry. Music. Art. Leadership.
Culture! Culture! Culture!
Harlem was a space where Black people were enjoying their freedom and fully expressing themselves. This not only resulted in a Black Pride Movement but also showcased Black talent...and White Americans began to take notice.
The Black American Cultural Movement, also referred to as "The New Negro Movement" and "The Jazz Age," was the Harlem Renaissance!
The Harlem Renaissance was the revival of Black American Intellect and Culture. The Harlem Renaissance influenced America, which also made Harlem the epicenter of American Culture. What was created in Harlem created the definition for what was considered "cool," in America and around the world.



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