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Dear Evolved Teacher: What's your superpower?

evolve for teachers Dec 29, 2020

“I treat myself with absolute kindness.”

Dear Evolved Teacher,

There's more to you than you were ever taught to believe. It's true. It's also time to seeyou tap more into the greatest part of who you are and allow yourself to shine. 

Today, we're going to acknowledge your superpower. We all have one.

Let's think about that thing you do well or with ease. What would that be? It's that thing that many people say they would do for free because they love doing it so much... and hey, you may have more than one answer that fits! It's okay if there are lots of things that you're great at!

I also wonder... when was the last time you gave yourself permission to shine bright and stand as the giant you are? There is a hypnotherapist I adore named Marisa Peer. Maris has worked with high-level performers all over the world and she has remarked that one thing these people have in common is that they are not only clear but also very open about what they do well. They will tell you that they are the absolute best!

Imagine if you were on a plane. Would you prefer to fly with a pilot who said, "Welcome aboard! I am an average pilot and I am happy to have you." Or would you rather your pilot said, "Welcome aboard! I am a top pilot and the best pilot on this airline. You are in great hands and I'm happy to have you." 

People trust those who are confident in what they do.

I can honestly say that I am an excellent curriculum designer and the results of my work are phenomenal.  When I create a program, the reviews are that they are always “life-changing.” I help create powerful learning experiences. 

Now, it’s your turn! 

Dear Evolved teacher, your mission today is a big one, but I have complete faith in you! Your mission is to give yourself permission to shine bright and stand as the giant you are. 



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