Do Black Americans Need Another Green Book

** Do we need a NEW Green Book in 2021?**
Three days ago, when I arrived to the US, something happened in the airport. I had just gone through immigration and was heading toward baggage claim. Looking down at my passport, I wasn't paying attention and I ran into a police officer a little bit (my shoulder nudged his). I died inside. "Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry!" My heart legit - stopped.
"Is this is safe space? Are they nice here?" My mind was racing. I had to make my body stop moving, take several deep breaths, recollect my thoughts, and then go to my bags.
The thing is...knowing when a space is "safe enough" to relax or even exist in a Black or Brown body has been "a thing" even before me.
 Let's talk about the Green Book. And, I can't help but wonder (In my Carrier Bradshaw Voice), do we need another Greenbook today? Also, if we had one, would my neighborhood be in it?

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