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Every Culture has a version of Cinderella

It's important to help children to build connections to people who look differently, have different ways of living, and different ways of being...to EMBRACE differences. One of my favorite ways to do this is by showing, "THIS IS CINDERELLA, TOO!"
"TOO" is such a powerful word.
Children all over the world dress up as Cinderella and view her as the ultimate princess. Yeh-Shen, the Chinese version of Cinderella is more than 2,200 years old. Yet, Western children are usually taught only one Cinderella.
There were more than 500 versions of Cinderella created in Europe before the American version, which was adapted from the French version.
Imagine the power in each child seeing an authentic version of Cinderella, who looks like them.
Demonstrate the BEAUTY that is in all cultures
Imagine the power of children seeing the beauty of different cultures reflected in a story and character they understand (or are at least a bit familiar with, although the stories are all a bit different.)
What's your favorite version of Cinderella?
(Mine is Kongi and Potgi! It's so cute!)

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