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Harmful White Metaphors

I recently had an amazing chat with Cat & Nat and one of the ladies asked me a very important question, "How should people create a diversity curriculum?" That question stuck with me because school systems and educators are now scrambling to do just that... and as a global educator and curriculum designer, it feels off. Because in learning and raising inclusive humans, Diversity isn't a class or one curriculum...it's a foundation... like reading.

Reading is apart of every curriculum.

You see... we focus on reading as soon as children begin to speak. We begin to sing the alphabet (some parents even begin in the womb.) We make this so fun don't we? There's alphabet cereal and spaghetti with letters in it! We have alphabet dances and alphabet yoga!! We really drive it home.

And then... from the alphabet, we teach reading and writing and...spelling... AND SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES AND ART AND ... everything. We read and use these letters when we text, when we create new things...it is deeply embedded into all we learn and do.

DIVERSITY is the ALPHABET of life!
If you begin to "design a curriculum," Take every single thing you learn, teach, and do...and filter it through a lense of diversity and equality.

CatandNat, thank you so much for bringing this up!!

Today's post is a baby step...it's about awareness. One huge step toward diversity in language is to identify the harmful separative metaphors that we use and are fed to us daily.

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