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HELP! Online learning is affecting my child's physical health!

Constant screen time is not the ideal for any of us. 

Even when we, educators, try our best to make the learning experience engaging, there are other factors that are important to be aware of: What are the health effects?

I've been teaching online for about 7 years and regularly have discussions with parents about what they do in order to prevent, or remedy, issues such as eye strain and neck and shoulder pain, which are common complaints.

As an educator, I also look for when my students seem uncomfortable, place their heads in their hands, place their hands on the small of their back, and squint. These are all indicators that there may be something physically wrong. 

I also remind my students to blink because it is one thing that we forget to do when staring at screens for hours. 


Hopefully, you haven't had to deal with physical complaints from your kids. If not, keep this information in your back pocket.  If you have, I hope you can benefit from some things that have helped some of my own students and their families.

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