How many times have you 'shushed' your kids today? (1 min read)

How many times have you 'shushed' your kids today?

I think about kids a lot, as an educator. Especially knowing that many of them are spending much more time indoors than "normal."

The thing about being indoors is that we are often compelled to use our "indoor" voices and on the surface, this may not seem like a big deal, but I assure you that it is.

How many of us adults have never heard ourselves truly scream...full out? How many of us have trouble speaking up for ourselves? How many of us apologize for speaking too loudly or taking up space?

A few years ago, I took singing lessons. The lessons took place in my instructor's home. She played a note on the piano and I would match it with my voice. "Scream, Gahmya," she said. I just looked at her.
"Yell, sweetie!" She said in Korean.
"No. Not inside," I said as I begun to shake.
My good girl manners wouldn't let me.
My inner perfect kid refused to.
I sang with my indoor voice.

As a speaker coach, I see this time and time again when helping speakers to write their TEDx talks. Speakers are uncomfortable with speaking loudly, or too much, or all.

Remember that more than just "peace and quiet" happens when we shush our children. Give them time to hear themselves yell, scream, and sing full out. Give them the opportunity to feel the power of their voices.

Because they will need them...whether they are indoors or not.


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