How to Make Online Learning Feel Just as Good as "Normal" School

How to Make Online Learning Feel Just as Good as "Normal" School

I've taught virtually for 7 years and although we have a lot of fun and students really thrive academically, I began to notice some things that students were missing. It was important to find ways to incorporate these important aspects of physically going to school into our learning experience.

We often take for granted those little moments of connection that aren’t actual parts of the lesson.

However, it’s the moments of freedom that invite random connection like walking through the halls with other students, stopping by the restroom, chatting at one’s locker, or engaging in conversation that are also normal parts of the school routine that matter. Students often catch up with friends, make new friends, and observe one another in these spaces.

When teaching virtually, incorporate time to chat freely in your lessons.

I do this by showing up ten minutes early for my lessons, staying off-camera, and sharing a welcome screen with a timer on it.

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