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How to Make Online Learning Fun for Kids (Teachers and Parents Edition)

The digital learning experience is not the same as the classroom experience. However, there are things that both parents and educators can do to help make it a lot more fun for the students.

Although “fun” may not be the first metric that many instructional designers look for when designing academic curriculums, I’ve come to find that it is one of the most important.  Children thrive when they are enjoying themselves. Learn to create through a lens of fun.


Below are five tips for making online learning fun that I have developed after teaching online for over seven years.





School looks a lot different this year and every single one of these tools may not work for you. In fact, you may initially feel a bit of resistance when approaching yet another technique for you to try. I recommend simply asking yourself, “how could this work for me” and continuing to do the best you can.


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