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How to Raise an Inclusive Child


How do I raise my child to be an ally? How do I raise my child to be inclusive, to actually see color and differences and challenge their own biases? These are beautiful questions that conscious parents and educators ask because we want to raise changemakers. We want to empower children who will add to the beauty in this world. In today's this video, I share 3 tips for raising a child to be anti-racist and inclusive. These are things that you can do, but that people often don't consider, unless they have to.


Books introduce our children to different types of thinking, new places, and people they may not see in their everyday environment. Thus, finding books that your child loves to read, but also have black children (and children of other ethnicities and backgrounds) as the main characters, will help your child to experience equality as the norm. 


Words are so powerful and it has become very common in many languages around the world to use words and phrases that use darker colors in negative ways. This way of labeling things carries over and creates mindsets of what is "better." Practice questioning their use and even eliminating them from your daily manner of speaking.

Children often depict what they see in art. You can see this in effect by turning on the Disney channel and seeing how many cartoons actually have black characters in the lead. When children are encouraged to really SEE those around them, draw them, understand their shades, hair textures, and appreciate their differences, we create a world where we are all truly seen. 


We're in this together! 


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