How to Self Publish a Book- (Quick Tips)

evolve for teachers Oct 28, 2020

I have just published my first Children's picture book! I have always loved books! When I was a child, I would devour them! In fact, when I left for my Peace Corps service, my hardest decision was deciding on the books that I would pack to nourish me for the next two and a half years. (I had no idea how amazing our Peace Corps library would be!) 

When I decided to publish, "The life of ideas," I knew that I wanted it to be absolutely beautiful! I wanted children cherish it as one of their favorite books, to be inspired, to feel understood, and to connect with diversity.

You may know that I help others to publish books as well. But, before I held my first virtual writer's retreat, I did a bit of research and found that according to HuffingtonPost, 80% of Americans want to be Authors.

I see why! Self-publishing can be a very empowering experience.

However, it’s often difficult to know where to begin and to be sure of the technical things one needs in place to publish successfully.

Here are a few tips, including some very important pieces of the puzzle that those who self publish are unaware of, overlook, or forget.






PS If you want the full guide, you can grab it here:


Sending you loads and loads of LOVE!



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