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How to talk about the political unrest at the White House with students

I created the C.A.R.E. method when dealing with hard things when I was teaching in South Korea and the country was in mourning after many children died on a field trip. The entire country mourned for a full year and I knew that this place would live rent-free in my student's minds, but I could help with the way they processed what occurred.
Words and concepts that older students may need help identifying:
domestic terrorism, coup, What should happen after an election, what happens on inauguration day, times in our own lives when we have "lost" and how we dealt with not being the winner, times in our lives when we have won and chose to win gracefully and why






We cannot ignore what has happened at the White House. This is not only an emotional time, but it is also a time when people's beliefs of what is "right" and "wrong" are emotional and on extreme sides. Young people may not have space to even process what they actually see happened outside of what they are told to see.


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