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How to talk to your kids about the Inauguration

*How to talk to your kids about the Inauguration**
This is a moment for them, too!
How to initiate conversations about this historical moment?
Use my MIND, HEART, HANDS method to have a full conversation.
Mind- What do they think?
Heart- How do they feel?
Hands- What will they do next?
Let's take a look at this in practice: 
Mind: Ask them questions that encourage them to create their own views about what is happening.
HEART: Ask how they feel about what they see and hear about the past leaders and the new leaders. (It may help to discuss each leader separately.)
(When I was a kid, elections made me nervous.
There are so many films where bad things happen during such times. I was especially afraid when Black leaders ran for office. I thought they would be assassinated, like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)
Hands: What happens next? What can you do to be a great leader, too?



Mind, Heart, Hands
Tag me in photos of your kids experiencing this historical moment!
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Wow!! What a moment in time. Wow!

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