How to Teach Black History Beyond February

Thanks for spending this month with me. On our final day of what is officially Black History Month, I want to share with you my special way of adding Diversity (and Black History specifically) into everything that I teach, no matter who it is or where it is.
I call it "The Like Factor" and it is a way of introducing someone of a different culture or race without creating an entire lesson.
The key to "The Like Factor" is that you create a connection between someone's identity and a feel-good trait. Just like it feels great as a child to have someone tell you that you remind them of Albert Einstein, introduce Black figures in the same manner that would make someone burst with pride.
The more enthusiasm you have and the more you demonstrate that you admire that figure yourself (and may even wish that you had that quality), the better.
You may also notice that you can use other phrases like, "You remind me of" or "You share qualities with"- these are all the same concept.  "Like" is simply easier to use and can be used consistently regardless of what classes you teach, including ESL (English as a Second Language). 
This technique also works with families and friends! 
Black history is American history is World history and should be daily learning.
Let's dive in...


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