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Lesson Check: Teachable Moments from the Political Unrest in Washington

** Look for the Lesson**
One of the most powerful questions I have taught my students (and myself) during times of difficulty is "What is this teaching me?" Teaching younger people to "look for the lessons" will keep them in a constant cycle of learning, observing, and attempting to understand.
Although this first week has been difficult, it has made room for a great number of discussions that could take place both at home and at school, and lessons learned.
One of my favorites is the lesson on the proper ways to fight back against injustice. A teacher taught me this in high school and it gave me a tool that would help me for the rest of my life. This teacher taught me that I could contest grades. He taught me that everything could be changed and if a teacher graded me unfairly, I could contest it. When I went to university, this actually happened to me a few times. I spoke up and had my grades changed appropriately every time. But, this was only because I'd been empowered to speak up. I knew that my voice mattered and that authority wasn't always right. But, I also knew to do so with respect and to also know when it was time to simply try harder the next time.
I have provided a "Lesson Check" below.  A list of possible lessons your children and students could learn from the recent unrest in Washington, D.C.






I encourage families and educators who are able to do so, to give yourselves, and the younger people in your life, an opportunity to look for the lessons.
I personally sat down and realized that I didn't know the list of succession for the President of the United States. So, I made myself learn it.
If you want to learn it, as well, it is as follows:
Order of Presidential Succession
Vice President.
Speaker of the House.
President Pro Tempore of the Senate.
Secretary of State.
Secretary of the Treasury.
Secretary of Defense.
Attorney General.
Secretary of the Interior.
What lessons did you learn from this? What holes did you fill in for yourselves?
Contemplate and then rest well. There are tons of new lessons to learn this year.



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