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Mom/Teacher, Why is the Election so Close?

This is not a time to talk around your kids at the dinner table, yell at the tv, or ignore the issues at school. This is a side-by-side moment.

It is traumatizing for a lot of us to see that Biden is not winning by a landslide. It is anxiety-inducing to know that people continue to support TRUMP. Discussions lead to healing.

For families, if you usually talk about reality TV at the dinner table, discuss family members, or don't typically eat meals together, this is a moment when you have chicken with a side of politics. (Conscious meal-time conversations break generational curses) <--- Read that twice.

For teachers, watching these numbers increase and decrease causes anxiety for more than just you. Talk about them in school. Right now, a lot of younger people are being told what to think rather than receiving guidance on how to unpack what this means themselves.

These slides focus on Trump, but feel free to make them non-partisan by using them to discuss both Biden and Trump.

We are not simply voting for a president, we are voting for characteristics and values.

What are they? How will we move forward?

Pass the torch.











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