Parenting Triggers: Why You are Angry with your Child

conscious parenting teens Feb 04, 2021
***Do you ever feel jealous of your child?***
Last week, my friends Genie,Nyota and I had conversations about experiences that parents often have when reacting to their children's behaviors. I personally don't believe that it is jealousy, but it's definitely triggers that bring up our own childhood wounds. No matter who we are, there is a young version of us inside, still needing attention and reacting to what we experience in the world.
We see parenting triggers and may experience them, regularly, especially now. Anger or frustration when a child doesn't listen. Is this actually disrespect? No. It's not about you. But, the feeling that you have of being disrespected is real. It's coming from somewhere. Other experiences. Not feeling in control. Fear of being judged or embarrassed in front of others. So many possibilities based on each of our individual experiences. Because we all have our stuff.
We’re spending much more time at home with one another than ever. Whew! Talk about being forced to take a giant course on Reparenting Ourselves.
I’m sitting right beside you, pencil in hand, taking notes! 

When you feel yourself about to yell, begin to feel disrespected, embarrassed, or know that you are taking things personally... pause. Ask yourself, "What is this bringing up for me?" And remember that we're all trying to figure out these emotions, even the kids...and most of the time, it is not about you.

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