Part 2- Black History Makers- Then and Now

Who paved the way for you? (Part 2)
I've always taken issue with the "Who's the Greatest of all time" debates.
How dare we say that anyone during our lifetime is the "Greatest of all time" when we stand on the shoulders of our ancestors?
Our ancestors, who often had rocks thrown at them during practice and weren't "allowed to play in certain tournaments," and swimmers who saw pools being drained because they'd practiced in them.
None of us are the Greatest of all time.
We are Great Because of All of the Times.
We are great because of all of the times our ancestors said, "I'm going to keep going." Serena Williams is great because of all of the times, Althea Gibson said, "I'm going to focus even though I have to enter and leave through the back door." LeBron James is great Because of All of the times Black players before him had to walk to games because team buses wouldn't pick them up on the "Black side of town."
We do not have Goats. But, we do have Boats. Be a BOAT (Because of all of the times) and continue the legacy of carrying the next generation further than you were able to go.
Knowing history not only lets you know what you are capable of, but it also compels Gratitude to stare you in the face.
It was a pleasure to create this piece.
Let's dive in...


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