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Qualities to look for in a Best Friend

evolve teens Mar 31, 2021
A lot of people are experiencing breakdowns in friendships these days.
So, are teens and younger people.
In fact, when I asked teens what they wished people talked about more the answer was "how to build and deepen friendships."
Nowadays, bonds are created online as much as they are offline and they can feel just as deep. But, there are different levels of friendship, qualities that we look for in friends, and qualities we look for in best friends. Have you ever discussed the difference?
What are your personal dealbreakers, values, preferences in being supported? This is not just for teens...have you thought about it? Sometimes our needs change and our values reveal themselves further as we grow.
Today's post is a fun one, but it can open the door to some beautiful conversations. Feel free to use the quiz at the end as your guide.
(Great dinner time discussion wink. Feel free to blame Gahmya.) ❤

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