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The 2 word question I ask to Remove Bias

Note: These are real conversations with real children!!!!
The first statement (about Antifa): age 5; The 2nd statement: age 10; the third statement: age 13
Also note, you are only seeing part of each conversation. (The part that pertains to this post.)
BTW: This post is not about Antifa.
Oftentimes, the most powerful teaching takes place when one asks powerful questions. As educators, parents, coaches, and leaders, we often want to take control of the learning process. But, learning can be so much deeper when we simply guide.
We're teaching people around us every day. By what we allow, don't allow, and most of all: by what we question.
My powerful two-word question, is used in my life every single day: with my students, clients, family, and friends. So much so, that people tend to go right into action and dig deeper into their words when they hear it.... "They, who?"
Question the use of the word, "They."
Of course, this is not when "They" is being used for an individual person's pronoun. This is when "They" is being used to stereotype a group of people.


In the current climate, we're going to hear "They" a lot! You may even notice yourself saying it... listen for it. Be aware. It's amazing what happens when we simply question our words.
To evolving,

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