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The History of the Black Cowboy

***Happy Black History Month***
I celebrate Black History year-round. But, I also honor the month of February as the official month of celebration.
You see, Black History Month began as Black History Week in 1926.
Black Historian Carter G Woodson announced the 2nd week of February, Black History Week because he felt Black children weren't getting any of their history.
It was called "Negroe History Week."
He chose the month of February because Abraham Lincoln's birthday was on February 12th and Frederick Douglass' birthday was on February 14th. African-American people regularly celebrated both birthdays together, so this made February a great month. It was difficult for Black History Week to catch on in schools. First, Only the Departments of Education in the States North Carolina, Delaware, and Virginia and city schools in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore agreed to try it out.
And now we have a month. And all of our children (and adults) need it!
Today, I want to teach you about Black Cowboys!
Let's dive in!


Was any of this information new to you? By the way, I have so much more to say about specific Black Cowboys that I may create some additional posts. How inspiring!!!
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