The Inspiring Conversation I had with My students about the Inauguration

I recently had a conversation about the inauguration with a group of teen students, that had some of us in tears.
You see, a lot of teens and young adults I know, (and you know, as well, if we're being honest) regularly question their self-worth. There is a push now more than ever to "be a star," "have it all," "to have no imperfections."
But in this Inauguration, we saw so many examples of people taking their struggles, their disadvantages, or steps that others before them have not had an opportunity to do great things.
So many leaders and changemakers in the world have struggles and imperfections, yet we only share their highlight reels. Why?
Tell your students that teachers often thought that Albert Einstein had learning difficulties. He made animal noises in class and disrupted lessons.
Tell the young people in your life that Jean Michel Basquiat's artistic ability was often questioned. People would say that his art looked like "scribbles" before they realized the historical messaging and symbolism embedded inside.
Hey! While you're at it... Tell yourself these things, too!
In our lesson, we talked about our own struggles. We talked about parts of ourselves that we hide from others out of fear of judgment. We talked about things that motivate us when we see others do them.
We talked about our hopes, dreams, and ways that we could support one another.
Listen, I'm a teacher. But, I'm 100% more committed to helping my students to live the lives that they actually desire versus what outdated curricula dictate. 

I am filled with heart-swelling motivation and vulnerability right now. There are a lot of things that have occurred last year and this year that I did not sign up for. But, this part... Yeahh... I signed up for all of this. #moreplease

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